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5-in-1 Skin Cleaner


Ultimate soft skin

Pimples, blackheads and dead skin cells? With the 5-in-1 skin cleaner, this is a thing of the past! In the blink of an eye a soft and perfectly even skin. The Felio skin cleaner cleans your skin thoroughly and allows you to shine of confidence!

Suitable for all skin types

The 5-in-1 skin cleaner has 5 different brushes so your skin always gets the perfect treatment. The soft brush, suitable for removing dead skin cells. The polish pad cleans the skin thoroughly and deeply. The latex pad, intended to clean vulnerable parts such as your eyelids. The makeup brush, removes makeup in a jiffy. The massage attachment, provides you with a relaxing massage and fosters blood flow.

Groom and relax

Remove make-up, clean your skin or enjoy a relaxing massage. The 5-in-1 skin cleaner features 2 different speed settings. Combine the right attachment with the right speed for the most intense cleaning of your skin and enjoy a relaxing home spa treatment. 


Material: plastic
Powered by: 2*AA battery(not included)
Suitable for: all skins
Size: 130x70x48mm
Color: pink

Package included:
1 x Face Cleaning Massage
1 x Soft brush 
1 x Rolling massager
1 x Make-up sponge
1 x Latex sponge-soft
1 x Crude Polish accessory