ElitePlay™ Luxury 24K Gold Foil Poker Cards

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Tired of your plain ol' boring cards? Want a way to elevate your quality time with friends and family? ElitePlay™ is the luxury deck with sealed gold foil cards for a brand new playing experience.

Rare luxury + waterproof cards with various unique styles!

Deluxe Emboss & Dazzling Gold Foil

Made with 99% purity high-grade gold foil, ElitePlay™ is the MOST classy deck of cards you'll ever own!

This 24k gold deck is crafted with deep embossed texture, clear three-dimensional patterns, and all sorts of grain for a deluxe, extravagant look. Each card refracts light so it shines bright and dazzling! 

Complete Set For Games + Magic

The ElitePlay™ cards feature the silver trace of traditional cards. With its high-quality bicycle playing stock design, it comes in a standard poker size for easy playing. You can use it for fun times with poker, hearts, solitaire, and any standard 52-card game!

Even better, it includes 2 gaff cards so you can shock everyone with amazing magic card tricks! 

Unique + Vibrant Designs!

ElitePlay™ is artfully designed with incredible & intricate illustrations that you won't ever find anywhere else. Gives you the full deck with a twist!

The joker cards feature playful colorful clowns in detailed and vibrant hues. The Ace of Spades cards are crafted with a one-of-a-kind puppy paw track that changes color as you go through the deck. Cool and awesome designs that make your cards stand out!

Shiny gold playing cards that everyone will admire and enjoy!

Waterproof and Durable 

Fan out these cards in your hand for an amazing effect! ElitePlay™ is flexible and durable, it won't bend, wrinkle, or wear out with constant use. Even better, it's waterproof so it can outlast spills and accidents. You can even wash it so it looks shiny and brand new for years!

Enjoy Fun Times with Loved Ones & Friends!

Poker is the ULTIMATE game that never loses popularity. Just pull out ElitePlay™ for parties, after-dinner bonding, camping, park outings, vacations and more. Your friends and family will have a great time playing with these luxury cards!

Also Perfect As Decor or Gifts!

Share the fun with everyone! ElitePlay™ is packed in an attractive golden box so it's the perfect gift your friends are guaranteed to LOVE. It's also amazingly valuable as elegant art so you can put it up on your shelf or living room for guests to admire!

"Awesome!! A must-have if you want to impress your mates when playing cards!"

Why choose ElitePlay™ Luxury 24K Gold Foil Poker Cards?

  • Gives you a exciting luxury playing experience
  • Sophisticated and elegant look
  • Made with high-quality gold foil
  • Deep emboss and intricate texture
  • Shiny gold finish
  • Complete set for any card game
  • Unique and beautiful designs
  • Can also be used for magic tricks
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Perfect for fun times with family & friends
  • Perfect as a gift or decoration


1 x ElitePlay™ Luxury 24K Gold Foil Poker Cards (Full Deck)