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Green Fluorite Dream Crystal Necklace

Metal Color
This rustic handmade rope necklace is made with green fluorite: a highly coveted semi-precious gemstone that soothes your nerves and empowers you with unshakeable focus, balance, and inner peace
  • Turns chaos into balance: this necklace restores your clarity of thought, helps solve your personal challenges, and allows your mind to focus on what truly matters
  • Promotes healing and spiritual clarity: wear it frequently, and watch your nervous energy, uncertainties, and frustrations melt away.
  • Amplifies your productivity:​as your concentration, productivity, and learning capacity improve, you'll know why this is called the "genius stone".
  • Made of the finest raw green fluorite: each stone retains its natural shape, making each necklace unique to the individual.
We believe humanity is in urgent need of healing and unity. This green fluorite necklace, handmade using principles outlined in ancient wisdom, is just one part of our outreach mission.
We support 200+ artisans across the world, each one as committed to our mission as we are. Upon ordering your free bracelet, you're welcome to purchase a product from our store. This will greatly help us in our movement.
Order Now Before We Run Out - When They're Gone, They're Gone!
You will receive 1x green fluorite Dream Crystal necklace, handcrafted to restore balance and order in every area of your life.