Jett Bum Electric Portable Bidet Spray

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⚡This will help with the lack of available toilet paper supplies now that everyone is wiping out the stores & stock online!!🧻

Let's face it, we all know that it doesn't fully clean the bum and often leaves us feeling unclean even after 20 wipes! In addition, it causes irritation, bleeding, and hemorrhoids.

This is why we designed Jett Bum, the bidet that easily attaches to your toilet and uses clean water to gently wash your bum (or lady parts), so you can feel 100% clean every time. It's like you just stepped out of the shower! 


Jett Bum is proven to be 10x more hygienic than wiping! Plus, it saves you a whole lot of money on toilet paper and wet wipes - an average of $25 saved each month!

Try it completely risk-free for 60 days and find out how great it feels to have a clean bum all day long! 


If poop got on your hands, would you clean it with paper?

That's not a trick question - everyone deserves to feel clean after using the toilet, especially if you have diarrhea, menstruation or IBS.

With JettBum,  you can stay fresh and clean all day. It also helps you avoid hemorrhoids and urinary tract infections which are commonly caused by wiping.



Main Features
● Dual spray setting-jet and soft for choice provides a soothing, cleansing, sanitary wash with the press of a button.

● Electric Bidet Sprayer: Built with automatic decompression film and nozzle 180-degree adjustment Bidet, also known as the irrigator, this is a personal health care product and the core product of home building materials.

● The sprayer is made of heavy-duty ABS polymers which is leak-free and resistant to high pressure and avoids blasting

● Pays For Itself & Saves You Money - The average person spends over 90 dollars a year on toilet paper. A family of 4 can use over 350 dollars a year. Using Hand-Held Bidet and rinsing with fresh running water reduces toilet paper use by 90%.