Magnetic Levitation Desk LED Lamp

Magnetic Levitation Desk LED Lamp

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Add A Futuristic Look To Your Home

This iconic light bulb is the first of its kind to levitate, making it a groundbreaking invention that has gained attention and intrigue from around the world. It has won multiple awards, including the famous LIT Award for Lighting Product Design in 2017 and TIME’s Magazine's best inventions of 2016.


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Levitation + Illumination

This levitating bulb not only touts minimalist style and magnetic magic but also offers the ultimate conversation piece. It casts a warm, soothing glow while floating and spinning with elegance. 

Create An Intriguing & Peaceful Atmosphere For Hours

This levitating bulb gently rotates and suspends in the air with almost no friction, creating a mesmerizing experience that will keep you peaceful for hours. It’s a beautiful way to bring your room into the future. 

Long-Lasting & Durable

The LEDs inside the shatterproof LED bulb have an exceptionally long lifespan of 50,000 hours. This is equivalent to letting the bulb run for 12 hours a day for 11 years or 6 hours per day for 22 years, proving both its efficiency and functionality!

Fewer Power Bills!

Our NEW floating bulb has a power module that transmits just enough power to light up the energy-efficient LED bulbs without consuming too much power.


How To Levitate Your Floating Levitating Led Light Bulb Lamp?

1. Place the base on a flat surface.


2. Connect the cable to DC pot of the base, Plug the adapter to your outlet (100-240VAC)



3. Hold the bulb underneath the top device, make sure the bulb far away from the Top Device 3 inch at least, and then move to the Top Device.


4. Once you feel a power (magnetism) locks the ball, then release your hand gently.



Total height of lamp 37cm
Lamp height 13.8cm
Suspension size 1.2-1.5cm
Rated power 2-5W
Bulb color transparent
Cable length 1.5m
Power consumption in January is only 1.44 kWh
Wireless smart charging

Package Include

1x Magnetic Levitation Desk LED Lamp