The Colombian Bandage

Finally the natural rich curves and the hourglass silhouette you always wanted.

  • Soft and Comfortable

  • Hides Belly and back fat

  • Invisible Waist Warp

  • Tummy Control

We Understand Your Struggle 

 We know the struggle of trying to look and feel confident after your body goes through a change. The Snatch Me Up makes you feel confident, supported, and comfortable without worrying about a protruding belly every day!

Designed to move with you this band is long enough to easily wrap around the waist multiple times as a slimming waist cincher. Hides stomach and back fat. Can be used postpartum, post-surgery, and can be worn daily underclothes and dresses to a party, work, or while working out.

Designed to wear as a partner workout or everyday clothes and provide a seamless compression with mid-section control. Instantly makes your belly look slim, tight and elegant, and trains your waist to get that gorgeous hourglass figure! Find yourself feeling an extra boost of confidence with a beautiful hourglass figure.

Keep Cool and Comfort all day during your workout, running, or any other activity, This fabric will quickly evaporate sweat and take away heat.We use top-quality stretchy fabric to create a Bandage with support.

We Know You Are Confident, We Just Want To Give You a Little Boost

Seamless Fit 

It hugs your curves with no gapping and rolling make your figure look more natural and create curvy smooth body lines.

Avoid Belly and Back Fat

This has to be the best reason to wear a Bandage because it helps firm and shape midsection, relives back pain, and improve your posture.

Natural Looking Curves

Provide a flawless look under any type of clothing.


We’re so confident you’ll love The Bandage Waist Wrap we’regiving you 30-days of protection at no extra charge.

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Women's are loving how Confident, Supported, and Comfortable they feel with Bandage Waist Wrap.

24/7 Customer Service

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Get Yourself a nice hourglass figure

“I got this shapewear for my wedding because my dress was a trumpet style, fitted on the top, loose around the knee, and wanted to sinuate my waist. Securely Cinched gave me a nice hourglass figure and I felt confident and sexy.” - Terry M.


Now You Can Trow Your Regular Waist Trainer In The Trash

Prevents Bad Posture-- Bandage not only allows you get rid of that extra fat around your midsection, but it also improves your body posture because it grips your stomach and makes you stand straight. You will also get additional support from the belt when you are working out.

Reduce belly fat -- Belly fat does not go anywhere quickly, and it can be very tough to get rid of the excess weight around your midsection. Using a Bandage will shrink down your belly size and will provide you a straighter posture through its compression bandages

Wear anytime, anywhere -- You can wear Bandage anytime as well as anywhere you want. The belts have 95% Fish Fabric, 5% Nylon  which will collect the sweat. And You can wear it under your clothes anytime, anywhere and let the Bandage do its job.

Women's Love Bandage Waist Wrap

  • Soft and Comfortable

  • Hides Belly and back fat

  • Invisible Waist Warp

  • Tummy Control