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Smart Escaping Pet Toy


This intelligent escaping toy is interactive and gives your pets a fun exercise at home.


  • The best gift for your pets.
  • Infrared sensing and high-speed runaway, when the hand enters the sensing area, small dream senses and begins to run away with light flashes and sounds.
  • ​​Built-in high-speed universal wheel, will randomly turn or retreat when hitting an obstacle.
  • ​When the induction toy enters the sleep state, just tap it to restart the wake-up.
  • ​Material-Made of high-quality eco-friendly plastic, non-Toxic.


How to use:


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it work on carpets?
A: Yes, it is designed to work on all flat platforms.

Q: What size of pets is this recommended for?
A: For all ages, the toy is so entertaining that all pets will have fun!

Q: It is also for children?
A: Of course, it is an excellent way to exercise the little ones in the house.