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TLC Bamboo Pillowcase™



What you did not know but should know about your pillowcases:

Traditional and most commonly used materials for pillowcases, i.e. cotton, nylon, and satin, trap sweat that we secrete overnight while asleep. This serves as a convenient breeding ground for bacteria.

Pillowcases have been contributing to an ever-increasing cases of skin and respiratory diseases. This is because 83% of pillowcases have a concentration of more than 10,000 types of bacteriaeven after washing!

TLC Bamboo Pillowcase™ promises and guarantees you many wholesome nights of beauty sleep. Our pillowcases are made of 100% natural bamboo fibres blended with highly permeable and breathable polyester fabric, allowing body temperature regulation and air circulation while sleeping. Bamboo fibres prevent bacterial and fungal build ups, making them highly antibacterial! 

Benefits of owning a TLC Bamboo Pillowcase™:

🎋 Antibacterial and antifungal - 99.8% antibacterial rate! 

🎋 Odorless - bamboo fibres killing odor-causing bacteria!

🎋 Chemical-free - globally tested no chemical treatment!

🎋 Hypoallergenic - moisture-absorbing and quick drying!

🎋 Eco Print - supporting and protecting the environment!

🎋 UV Resistant - protection against harmful rays from the sun!

🎋Threadcount 600 - soft, flexible and comfortable!

Measurements: 48cm x 74cm

The healthier choice is a conscious choice!

The best part is, even if you have pets at home, these pillowcases will remain 99.8% bacteria- and fungus-free because of its natural bamboo fibre quality! Yes! TLC Bamboo Pillowcase™ is pet-friendly too!