CompactColor - Portable Watercolor Kit -60%OFF

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Take your art with you wherever you go and make your idle times more productive with the portable watercolor kit

Whether you’re a novice or a longtime artist, pursue your passion wherever you are with the portable watercolor kit in hand. It comes with its own refillable watercolor brush and painter’s sponge. All you need is a sketchbook and you’re good to go! Choose from 18, 25, 33, or 42 color sets and paint to your heart’s content. Go the old world way and never let a captivating moment pass you by ever again.

  • Compact watercolor packaged like paint swatches for easy access
  • Comes complete with a refillable watercolor brush and painter’s sponge
  • Vivid colors for lifelike portraits
  • Portable and properly-labeled color palettes
  • Available in 18, 25, 33, or 42 color sets

*Limited quantity in stock so hurry and get your order in now!